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Over the last four years, REC has emerged as one of the solar industry pioneers and a leading innovator of solar PV technology. The recent Alpha series panels, featuring high-performance heterojunction cells, have put REC on the same level as the world's best manufacturers and are some of the most efficient solar panels available.

Company background

REC was founded in Norway in 1996 and grew to become a leading innovator of solar PV technology with over 2000 employees and an advanced manufacturing plant in Singapore producing around 1.5 GW of solar panels per year. REC is still growing although this is still relatively small compared to the massive Chinese solar manufacturers. The company is also one of the industry leaders in sustainability through the use of lead-free soldering and utilising many efficient manufacturing methods to reduce the energy payback time and emissions throughout the production processes.

The company is soon to open its first United States production location. 

  • Award Winning Technology

  • Lowest Claims Leading Warranty

  • Non-Blood Panels ( REC PANELS ARE ROBOT MADE ) 


REC Panel And Cell Technology


REC was the first company worldwide to release panels utilising the innovative split module design with half-cut cells, rather than the standard full-size square cells. Due to the many advantages and improved efficiency of the half-cell design, this clever innovation is now becoming an industry standard with many other manufacturers developing panels with half-cut cells. REC also incorporate the high-efficiency PERC cell architecture in the full range of TwinPeak panels.

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